Laundry Tips for Taking Care of the Best Undershirts

Perhaps, you are one of those people who purchase the best men’s undershirt every now and then. Many people purchase nice-looking outfits from the top brands but after a while, they end up visiting the clothing stores to buy new ones within a month or two. This is because they do not take good care of their outfits. If you are not careful when caring of your outfits, you will be heading back to the shop get ne w ones more often than you should. We recommend the following laundry tips for the best innerwear.

Right washing temperatures

The first and most important thing to always care about when washing your outfits is the temperature of the water that you use to wash them. The right washing temperature for undergarments is determined by the materials that they made from. Majority of these undergarments are made from a combination of cotton and some artificial fiber like Lycra or elastin. Although cotton can withstand high temperatures, artificial part of the blend will stretch and make the whole garment lose shape. Therefore, check the material that the garment is made of first before determining the right temperature at which to wash the outfits. The best thing to do is use lukewarm water and hand wash the garment.


Detergents are the second culprits when it comes ruining innerwear. This is because some of the brands of detergents in the market are not gentle on the garments. Most people complain that their garments lose their luster and integrity after a while. This is because they use harsh detergents to wash them. In order to keep the garment soft and looking new, choose detergents that are very gentle on the material of your outfit.

Washing machine

Some outfits are damaged by washing machine. A washing machine stretches some while shrinking others. It can also ruin the shape of some garments. The other problem that results from machine washing, especially for white outfits, is discoloration when they are washed with dark colors. The best way to wash these outfits is by hand. Take time and gently rub the material using your hands. This removes the dirt and preserves the fabric.

Stain removal

This is another aspect of laundry that is very important. Because the innerwear is always next to the skin, it will soak up a lot of sweat from the body and as time goes by, stains may form, especially around the armpits. Before trying a certain stain remover, check the care label to see if it is safe to bleach it. Chlorine based bleaches are the strongest, but they are also the harshest. You can try the garment on a small piece of the fabric and see how it reacts to the stain remover to avoid ruining the entire garment.


Most of the undergarments are made of a combination of cotton and an artificial fiber. This means that normally, they do not crease a lot. However, if you have to use an iron on the garment, ensure that it is not too hot as this affects the elasticity and sometimes it can burn even the best men’s undershirts.

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